Community of Scholars

Here are a few benefits our graduate students enjoy as scholars of the Department of Sociology: 

Our scholarly community develops graduate students’ specializations in sociological research. Students receive rigorous training in, and support for, research using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodologies, and they gain experience in teaching sociology.

We foster a culture of collaboration and mentoring. Faculty work closely with graduate students on their research. Before the start of fall semester, we match graduate students with potential faculty advisors for the required Second-Year Paper; students can hit the ground running and use the required Research Design course that first semester to develop a proposal in consultation with a potential advisor as well as the course instructor. Faculty regularly co-author with graduate students, publishing research in general and specialty journals.

Joining the  Sociology Department embeds graduate students in a lively campus where interdisciplinary opportunities abound. We offer synergies with the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), the university’s path-breaking multidisciplinary institute that houses centers for area studies and centers on topical specializations in international studies. These centers include, but are not limited to, one of only 10 European Union Centers of Excellence in the United States, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Global Studies Center, the Center for Russian and East European Studies, and more. Students can access research support and opportunities at the Center on Race and Social Problems and the University Center for Social and Urban Research.