Undergraduate Courses

Introductory Courses

There are three large, entry level courses that may draw majors into the department and allow students to satisfy general education requirements.

  • SOC 0002 | Sociology of Everyday Life 
  • SOC 0005 | Societies 
  • SOC 0010 | Introduction to Sociology 

Core Courses

Core coures are required for sociology majors. It is beneficial for students to take most of these courses early in their studies. 

  • SOC 0140 | Social Theory OR SOC 0150 | Classical Sociological Theory [NOT BOTH]
  • SOC 0230 | Social Research Methods 
  • STAT 0200 |Basic Applied Statistics OR STAT 1000 | Applied Statistical Methods
  • SOC 1500 | Sociology Research Practicum 

Lower-Level Elective Courses

Lower level elective courses can be in either a small or large format. When large, they may have one or two TAs. Regardless of format, many of these courses can be taken to meet general education requirements.

Upper- Level Elective Courses

The upper level courses all carry suggested pre-requisites for sociology majors.