Internships & Study Abroad


The Department of Sociology encourages all of its majors to pursue an internship. Internships provide students an opportunity to use the knowledge they gain in the classroom and put it to practical use outside of the classroom. 

Majors in Sociology have sought internships from an ever-growing list of sites, including: 

There are countless other local internship opportunities that students can pursue, involving childhood counseling & education, hospitals & healthcare, psychological & substance-abuse counseling, criminal justice, business, and law, among others.

Catalog of Opportunities

For a more extensive university-wide list of internship and other opportunities that is updated regularly, consult the Catalog of Opportunities. It offers students the ability to find, track and share co-curricular activities and achievements in Business, Global, Honors, OCC and more.

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

For research-related internships, the Office of Undergraduate Research has a number of opportunities. For example, for summer 2023:

  • The Summer Undergraduate Research Awards  program offers $4,000 summer stipends to undergraduate students conducting independent research or creative work in any field. Students may conduct research from Pittsburgh or any other location. Application due Feb 24th.
  • The Anthony and Concetta Ambrosio Internship Award provides $5,000 to support a Dietrich School undergraduate who has received an unpaid, summer academic internship. The internship might be one that takes place in Pittsburgh or any other location. Application due April 3rd.

If you would like to discuss ideas or proposals with OUR, or if you have any questions about these opportunities, please email and a staff member will follow-up with you.

Study Abroad 

For many students, the study of sociology can be enriched by learning experiences in other countries. The Department of Sociology encourages our students to consider adding a study abroad component to their undergraduate experience. The department is home to two popular study abroad programs, including the Pitt in Greece and Pitt in Cyprus programs, lead by Dr. Mike Epitropoulos. 

For more information on the various study abroad programs that are available to Pitt students, consult the study abroad office.