We believe that the goals of sociology, originally known as the "science of society", are consistent with the objectives of the liberal arts tradition. The sociological lens provides a powerful analytical tool for explaining, predicting, and understanding human behavior. Sociological insights can be applied to virtually every type of group setting, ranging from families, marriages, and small groups to institutions, organizations, and nations.

Sociology is especially relevant for the analysis of the causes and consequences of social change, and social inequality, in a global landscape. We are therefore convinced that students of sociology are in a special position to help to improve the quality of human life. The mission of our program at the University of Pittsburgh is to provide our students with the skills necessary to fight for those who are downtrodden, underserved, and marginalized.

Honors Program

Sociology majors who have a major QPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to work towards graduating with an honors distinction

Internships and Study Abroad

The Department of Sociology believes that both internships and studying abroad can provide students with excellent opportunities to apply their sociological skills and enhance their learning experiences. 


Students in the Sociology Department are eligible for a variety of awards that reward academic excellence. 

Undergraduate Courses

Students can choose from a wide variety of courses that span vast disciplines. 

Detail of cover of undergrad journal

Undergraduate Journal

The Pitt Sociology Review is an online peer-reviewed journal edited by Sociology students. It accepts submissions on a rolling basis by undergraduate students of the social sciences.