Info for Prospective Students

Wondering how an undergraduate degree in sociology can help guarantee your successful entry into the workforce? Sociology is a useful preparation for students looking forward to careers in social services, education, law, business, social work, criminology, urban planning, government, non-profit organizations, social research, child development and the health-related professions. An undergraduate degree in Sociology can provide an excellent stepping-stone to graduate school. A Sociology degree is especially helpful for Pre-Med students.

Meet Award-Winning Sociology Professor Waverly Duck

The Sociology Department places a high priority on undergraduate advising. As a Sociology major, you will be required to have a one-to-one meeting with the Undergraduate Advisor at least once each term to discuss your selection of courses, possible internships, career plans and other questions or concerns. You'll never be “lost in the shuffle.”

Our faculty members are committed to engaging students within and beyond the classroom. 
Many sociology courses offer experience in research projects that allow for extensive interaction with faculty members and with community organizations.  For example, Assistant Professor Joshua Bloom has a research practicum that is part of his methods class. Students do a training in data collection, and then once trained, help collect data for the larger research project.  In another example, Professor Jackie Smith organizes her students to attend campus events, such as talks by visiting scholars, and she also takes students on field trips to sites such as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Frick Environmental Center.  Students are introduced to community leaders and activists and provided with opportunities to attend local events related to their studies.  Numerous other faculty provide similar opportunities for their students to become involved in research projects and to learn about the surrounding city and community.

Interested in Study Abroad opportunities? Faculty member Mike Epitropoulos directs the Pitt in Greece and Pitt in Cyprus Study Abroad programs.   Students in each program take two courses, in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.  They learning not only theories of stratification, social movements, peace movements, ideologies and social change, but also tourism and community development as unique educational experiences that are most definitely marketable to students within and beyond Sociology and the social sciences.

For more information about our department, or to schedule a visit or tour, please contact the Dietrich School's recruitment coordinator, Madeleine Fahlbusch at