The University of Pittsburgh Department of Sociology, established in 1926, has particular strengths in the study of Social Movements and Politics and Culture and shares with the University of Pittsburgh a strong international and comparative orientation.

Our Community

We are a community of researchers, teachers, students and staff.

Our faculty carry out research and teaching on central problems of sociology. We examine issues of race, class and gender;  social movements and global processes that challenge, sustain, or create inequalities; and the ways culture is shaped by politics and politics by culture. These areas are not only cutting-edge for research within the sociological profession, but also profoundly significant for citizens of the U.S. and the world. 

We train our graduate students in a variety of theoretical and methodological tools for advancing creative research. We guide them in the study of social movements and of politics and culture. We encourage them to present their work to professional audiences and to publish the results. And we help our students develop as teachers. 

We see our teaching of undergraduates as a part of the liberal-arts tradition in which we reflect on the mysteries of human behavior. We involve our undergraduates in combining real-world experiences and classroom learning.

—Suzanne Staggenborg, Chair and Professor