About the Department

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Sociology, established in 1926, has particular strengths in the study of Social Movements and Politics and Culture and shares with the University of Pittsburgh a strong international and comparative orientation.


Oct 07

Melissa Finn

Melissa Finn of the University of Waterloo, Canada will be giving a talk on “Ethnic Minority Activism, Citizenship Mobilization, and Community-based Resiliency to Violent Extremism Recruitment”

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Oct 14

Hans Joas

Hans Joas of the University of Chicago and Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany will be giving a talk on  “Sacralization and Desacralization: Political Domination and Religious Interpretation”

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Nov 10

University-Community Housing Summit

Pittsburgh’s economic re-development has earned it the reputation as a “most livable city.” But growing numbers of residents ask, “livable for whom?” It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the reality of a growing divide between two Pittsburghs—one affluent, professional, and largely white, and the other low-income people with long-term roots in the region, largely people of color. 

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