Undergraduate Courses

Entry-Level Courses

We have three large, entry-level courses that may draw majors into the department and allow students to satisfy the general-education requirements.

Basic-Skills Courses

The basic-skills courses are required for sociology majors. We hope that majors take these courses early in their studies (preferably in their sophomore year). We will offer multiple sections where demand requires this.

Lower-Level Elective Courses

Lower-level elective courses can be in either a small or large format. When large, they have one or two TAs. Regardless of format, many of these courses can be taken to meet general-education requirements.

Upper-Level Elective Courses

The upper-level courses all carry suggested prerequisites for sociology majors. The linkage between lower- and upper-level courses is shown in the following table. We will add further courses as faculty interests change and curriculum needs shift.