Kathryn Ariella Pataki

My name is Kathryn Ariella Pataki and I am currently in my comprehensive exams phase of the program and will be starting my third year in the program this fall. I am interested in the global sex industry with a locational focus on Europe. My interest within the global sex industry is sex workers’ rights and autonomy within different forms of feminist theorizations and how their rights are experienced within different forms of legislation. I recently completed my masters thesis on the legalization of sex work in the Netherlands and how sex workers perceive their experiences under a legalized model of the sex industry. I am interested in qualitative methods that place sex workers at the center of any discussion on the sex industry and their experiences. It is my goal within my research to do work that benefits that communities I am studying and I consider myself an activist scholar.

Education & Training

  • MA, University of Pittsburgh, 2020
  • BA, Syracuse University, 2018

Representative Publications

Pataki, Kathryn Ariella and Kristenne M. Robison. 2018. “The Concept of Choice” P. 39-43 in Sex Trafficking: Feminist and Transnational Perspectives. New York: Springer.

Research Interests

  • Public sociology
  • Sociology of sex and gender
  • Political sociology
  • Feminist theories
  • Social movements