Sergio Cabrales

He is interested in the dynamics of collective actions in Nicaragua. With his original database on Nicaraguan protests events, he is currently studying the dynamics of mobilization amid an authoritarian drift in that country. Previously, he has studied how social actors and institutions, such as the Catholic Church, answered to the multiple indicators of democratic regression. His findings have been presented in regional conferences and publications, and to organizations and agencies working on Nicaraguan affairs. He has lectured courses on Research Methodology and Theological Reflection at the School of Humanities in the Nicaraguan Jesuit University (Universidad Centroamericana).

Education & Training

  • MA, University of Pittsburgh, 2020
  • BA, Universidad Centroamericana, Nicaragua, 2015

Representative Publications

Cabrales, S. (2020a). La oleada de protestas del 2018 en Nicaragua: procesos, mecanismos y resultados. In A. Cortés, U. López, & L. Moncada (Eds.), Anhelos de un nuevo horizonte. Aportes para la construcción de una Nicaragua democrática. San José: FLACSO - Costa Rica. Available from:

Cabrales, S. (2020b). The Catholic Church and the 2018 Wave of Protests in Nicaragua. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh. Available from;

Cabrales, S., & López-Espinoza, A. (2020). Nicaragua en Movimiento: Análisis de las protestas 2016-2020. In Funides. Available from:


Research Interest Summary

Social movements, Catholic Church and politics, Nicaraguan politics