Daniel Burridge

My research explores the relationships between social movements and states in Latin America. In my dissertation and book manuscript-in progress, I illuminate how grassroots movements in El Salvador and Nicaragua have critically engaged leftist governments to reinvent visions and strategies for social change. I have two additional ongoing research projects. One analyzes community-based peacebuilding amid chronic gang and state violence in El Salvador. The other shows how social movement activity across Latin America has fostered innovations in democracy and alternative globalizations.

Education & Training

  • MA, University of Pittsburgh, 2015
  • BA, Ohio University, 2005

Representative Publications

2020 Burridge, Daniel. “The Horizon of ‘Critical Collaboration’: Feminist Co-Governance and Movement-State Negotiations in El Salvador.” (Forthcoming in Latin American Perspectives)

2020  Burridge, Daniel and John Markoff. “Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America.” Oxford Handbook of Latin American Social Movements. Ed. Federico Rossi. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

2019 Burridge, Daniel. “Conflictos metodológicos en una zona roja: Navegando el peligro, lo político, y lo personal.” (Methodological Conflicts in a Red Zone: Navigating Danger, the Political, and the Personal.) Ed. Daniel Núñez. Rostros de la violencia en Centroamérica: abordajes y experiencias desde la investigación social. (Faces of Violence in Central America: Approaches and Experiences in Social Research). Guatemala City: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO).

2019  Markoff, John and Daniel Burridge. “The Global Wave of Democratization,” Democratization, 2nd Edition. Eds. C. W. Haerpfer, P. Bernhagen, R. F. Inglehart, and C. Welzel. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2016  Burridge, Daniel. “Critical Collaboration and Silent Movements: Reinventing the Left in El Salvador and Nicaragua,” Mobilizing Ideas. https://mobilizingideas.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/critical-collaboration-...

2015  Burridge, Daniel. Review of Mobilizing Democracy: Globalization and Citizen Protest, by Paul Almeida. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Vol. 56 Issue 1 pp. 81-83.

2013  Perla, Hector, Salvador Marti i. Puig and Daniel Burridge. “Central America’s Relations with the United States of America.” Handbook of Central American Governance. Eds. D. Sanchez-Ancochea and S. Marti i. Puig. London: Routledge.

Research Interests

  • Social movements
  • Political sociology
  • Political economy
  • Political ecology
  • Latin American studies
  • Global studies
  • Violence and crime
  • Social theory
  • Ethnographic, comparative, and participatory action research methods