Seda Baykal

I am interested in the mutually constitutive relationship between academia and the socio-political and economic dynamics in Turkey, focusing on the changing structure of the universities and the intellectual field.  In my master's thesis, I examined how the mektep-madrasa controversy is manifested in Ankara University School of Divinity as a divide between those who see the study and teaching of Islam as a religion and those who see it as a social scientific inquiry. My present work critically addresses the recent revival of higher religious education and the emergence of the "Faculty of Islamic Studies" at various universities in Turkey. I am particularly interested in the question of how these faculties contribute to Islamic political thought and represent the prevailing sociopolitical dynamics in Turkey.

Education & Training

  • MA, Political Science, Bilkent University, 2019
  • BSc, Sociology, Middle East Technical University, 2017

Research Interests

Political sociology, Historical sociology, Postcolonial studies, Social change, Turkish politics; modernity, secularism, and Islam in Turkey, Social theory, Higher education, Sociology of knowledge, Sociology and anthropology of intellectuals