Nick Rogers, J.D., Ph.D.

  • Visiting Assistant Professor

Nick primarily studies social polarization. Prior to academia, he practiced trial & appellate law in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition to scholarly work, he has written for The New York Times and Washington Post

His CV and links to published work can be accessed at

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., Stony Brook University 2022
  • J.D., Washington University in St. Louis 2007
  • B.F.A., Florida State University 2001

Representative Publications

Rogers, Nick 2022. “Politicultural Sorting: Mapping Ideological Differences in American Leisure and Consumption.” American Politics Research 50(2) 227–241.

Rogers, Nick and John T. Jost 2022. “Liberals as Cultural Omnivores.” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research 7(3): ___. Special Issue: “Political Ideology and Consumption.

Rogers, Nick and Jason J. Jones 2021. “Using Twitter Bios to Measure Changes in Self-Identity: Are Americans Defining Themselves More Politically Over Time?” Social Computing 2(1):1-13. 

Rogers, Nick 2020. “Split Screens: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Liberals’ and Conservatives’ Respective Television Favorites.” Psychology of Popular Media 9(1):45-58.

Research Interests

Social & Political Polarization
Media & Popular Culture