Mike-Frank Epitropoulos, PhD

  • Teaching Professor

I am a first-generation Ph.D., and a second-generation Greek-American who comes from a long line of teachers, merchants, and priests.  But I grew up as the son of restauranteur immigrants in New Castle, PA, with a strong love and respect for learning, justice, public life and my heritage.  My research reflects that with my Master’s and Ph.D. degrees focusing on tourism development and social change in Greece.  My public sociology and publications, likewise, have focused on the global crises of capitalism in Greece, and global wealth and power.  So my interests in continuing to grow international educational programs abroad in Greece and Cyprus are natural outgrowths of this, as I am the Director of the Pitt in Greece and Pitt in Cyprus study abroad programs for over ten years running.

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1999
  • MPIA, University of Pittsburgh, 1991
  • BA, University of Pittsburgh, 1989

Research Interests

My interests are grounded – first and foremost – in teaching Sociology because I sincerely believe in the liberating power of the discipline. I teach a wide range of large lecture, writing intensive, and senior seminar courses. I have taught more than 200 courses in public and private universities in the U.S., Greece, and Cyprus, teaching in two languages. I have done so in the spirit of Public Sociology, which seeks to engage people from all spheres of society in a multiplicity of ways.

Over the last ten years, I have developed successful study abroad programs for the University of Pittsburgh and have consulted for faculty from Ohio State University.  International educational programming and Pitt’s new Study Away programs in sociology and in political economy / ecology are my main research and teaching interests now.