Sociology Major

Requirements for the Sociology Major:

A total of 27 credits in sociology and four credits in statistics, distributed as follows, are required for completion of the major:

One Entry-level Course:                  
Introduction to Sociology SOC 0010
Societies SOC 0005
Sociology of Everyday Life SOC 0002
One statistics Course:                       
Basic Applied Statistics STAT 0200
Applied Statistical Methods STAT 1000
Two Methods/Theory Courses:       
Social Research Methods SOC 0230
Social Theory SOC 0150
One Research Practicum Course:  
Capstone Research Practicum SOC 1500

Additional Courses:

There are 15 additional Sociology credits:

  1. SOC elective
  2. SOC elective
  3. SOC elective
  4. SOC 1000 level elective
  5. SOC 1000 level elective

***one of these classes must be a Writing (W) class

Upon graduation, students who have completed three approved courses (nine credits) in one of the thematic clusters will be awarded a certificate of achievement by the Sociology Department. The list of approved courses for each cluster is available in the Sociology Department.

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