PhDs Awarded

Samantha Plummer (July 2019)

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Poverty, Social Services, and Advice-Giving
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (Chair), Tarun Banerjee, Melanie M. Hughes, Sara Goodkind (Social Work)
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Columbia University

Hatem Hassan (December 2018)

Dissertation Title: Discipline, Criminality, and Post-Revolutionary Governance in Contemporary Cairo: The Social Construction of the Thug
Committee: Mohammed A. Bamyeh (Chair), Waverly Duck, John Markoff, Nancy Condee (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Gabriel Chouhy (July 2018)

Dissertation Title: Education Experts, Intellectual Movements, Left Parties: Three Essays on Neoliberal Politics in Chile and Beyond
Committee:  Lisa Brush (co-chair), John Markoff (co-chair), Sean Kelly (Education), Anibal Perez-Linan (Political Science)
Position Currently Held: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Tulane University

Elizabeth Yates (March 2018)

Dissertation Title:  Institutionalization Without Deradicalization: Political Culture and the Evolution of the Tea Party Movement
Committee:  Kathleen Blee (chair), Suzanne Staggenborg, John Markoff, Sara Goodkind (Social Work)
Position Currently Held: Junior Researcher at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland

Suzanna Eddyono (January 2018)

Dissertation Title: Re-Envisioning Kinship and the State in Pakistan
Committee:  Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Kathleen Blee, Tarun Banerjee, Andrew Weintraub (Music)
Position Currently Held: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)

John Cuda (December 2017)

Dissertation Title: Re-Enchanting Culture: Identity Transformation, Embodiment, and Prefigurative
Religious Practices within Contemporary Spiritualities
Committee:  Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Waverly Duck, Suzanne Staggenborg, Andrew Strathern
Position Currently Held: Faculty Research Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh

Mehr Latif (April 2017)

Dissertation Title: Re-Envisioning Kinship and the State in Pakistan
Committee:  Kathleen Blee (co-chair), Mohammed Bamyeh (co-chair), John Markoff, Laura Brown (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Pittsburgh

Mohammad Golam Nabi Mozumder (April 2017)

Dissertation Title: The Body, Subjectivity, and Sociality: Fakir Lalon Shah and His Followers in Contemporary Bangladesh
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Lisa Brush, Waverly Duck, Mark Paterson, Joseph Alter (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Research Associate, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies in Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Jeffrey Tienes (April 2017)

Dissertation Title: Keeping it “Real”: Making a Career in Pittsburgh’s Rap Music Scene
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), Waverly Duck, Melanie M. Hughes, Ronald J. Zboray (Cultural Studies)
Position Currently Held: Instructor at Clarion University

Sharon Quinsaat (June 2016)

Dissertation Title: Mobilizations for Homeland Regime Change and the Making of the Filipino Diaspora, 1965-1992
Committee: Suzanne Staggenborg (chair), Jackie Smith, John Markoff, Patrick Manning (History), Suzanne Crage (Simon Fraser University)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor at Grinnell College

Ervin Dyer (April 2016)

Dissertation Title: Two Paths Forward: An Ethnographic Study of Somali Bantu Refugees Living In a Northeastern City Public Housing Community
Committee: Waverly Duck (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Joyce Bell, Larry Davis (Social Work)

Marie Skoczylas (April 2016)

Dissertation Title: Anarchism and Prefigurative Politics in the Occupy Movement: A Study of Occupied Space, Horizontal Structure, and Anarchist Theory in Practice
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Suzanne Staggenborg, Nancy Glazner (English)
Position Currently Held: Fellow at Insight Data Science at the University of Pittsburgh

Carolyn L. Zook (March 2016)

Dissertation Title: Military Experience and the Shaping of Nationalism in the U.S. Armed Forces
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (co-chair), Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum (co-chair), Waverly Duck, Susan Zickmund
Position Currently Held: Program Manager in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University

Yven Destin (March 2016)

Dissertation Title: Immigrant Coverage in the American Diaspora: Representing Haitians in the Miami Media, 1979-2010
Committee: Kathleen Blee (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Joyce Bell, Lawrence Glasco (History)
Position Currently Held: Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati-Clermont

DaShanne Stokes (March 2016)

Dissertation Title: How an Entity Becomes a State: Tibet, Taiwan, Palestine, and the Quest for Recognition
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Kathleen Blee, John Markoff, and Scott Morgenstern (Political Science)

Daniel Núñez (June 2015)

Dissertation Title: Violence and the State in Postwar Guatemala
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Kathleen Blee, Melanie M. Hughes, and Lara Putnam (History)
Position Currently Held: Researcher at Universidad Rafael Landívar and Associate Researcher, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Guatemala)

Maria Dillard (May 2015)

Dissertation Title: Measuring the Social- Ecological Resilience of Coastal and Small Island Communities to Inform Policy, Planning, and Practice
Committee: John Marx (chair), Suzanne Staggenborg (co-chair), John Markoff,  Melanie Hughes, and Edmund Ricci (Behavioral/ Community Health Science)
Position Currently Held: Research Social Scientist at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Xi Zhang (April 2015)

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Internal Migration on Regional Inequality in China: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis
Committee: Vijai Singh (chair), Lisa Brush, Melanie Hughes, and Thomas Rawski (Economics)

Nichole Bayliss (December 2014)

Dissertation Title: Where You Live Does Matter: The Impact of Racial Residential Segregation on Racial Disparities In Cancer Incidence And Mortality In Northeastern And Southern U.S. Counties, 2005-2009
Committee: John Marx and Suzanne Staggenborg (co-chairs), Joyce Bell, Melanie Hughes, and Susan Zickmund
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Criminology, Psychology, and Social Work at Chatham University

Kimberly Creasap (June 2014)

Dissertation Title: Sweden Ends Here? Social Movement Scenes and the Right to the City
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), John Markoff, Suzanne Staggenborg, and Annulla Linders (Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati)
Position Currently Held: Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University

Jane Walsh (February 2014)

Dissertation Title: Our Struggles Are Not the Same, but They Converge: Farmworkers, Allies, and the Fair Food Movement
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Suzanne Staggenborg, and Christina Bratt Paulston (Linguistics)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Clarion University

Amy McDowell (December 2013)

Dissertation Title: Rebellious Religion: Christian Hardcore and Muslim 'Taqwacore' Punk Rock
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Akiko Hashimoto, and Paula Kane (Religious Studies)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Mississippi

Selman Yilmaz (May 2013)

Dissertation Title: State, Politics, and Religion: Effects of Political and Social Change on the Relationship between State and Religion in Turkey, 2002-2012
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), Kathleen Blee, John Markoff, and Muge Kokten Finkel (GSPIA)
Position Currently Held: Faculty of Divinity at Ankara University (Turkey)

Kelsy Burke (April 2013)

Dissertation Title: God, Sex, and the Internet: The Faithful, Virtual, and Sexual Lives of Contemporary Evangelical Christians
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Mohammed Bamyeh, Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum, Nicole Constable (Anthropology)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Piotr Konieczny (August 2012)

Dissertation Title: The Impact of Modern Information and Communication Technologies on Social Movements
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Suzanne Staggenborg, John Marx, Stuart Shulman
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Informational Sociology at University of Hanyang (South Korea)

Veronica Szabo (April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Youth and Politics in Communist Romania (1980-1989)
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Kathleen Blee, Mohammed Bamyeh, and Irina Livezeanu (History)

Yolanda Hernandez Albujar (April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Narratives of Identity and Motherhood among Latin American Migrant Women
Committee: Mohammed Bamyeh (chair), John Markoff, Lisa Brush, and Douglas Harper (Duquesne University)
Position Currently Held: Professor at the Universidad Loyola Andalucía (Spain)

Kathleen Bulger Gray (April 2012)

Dissertation Title: Negotiating Race Talk: How Whites Hide Racial Privilege and Structural Inequality
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), John Markoff, Akiko Hashimoto, and Janet Schofield (Psychology)
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Elizabeth City State University

Jared Coopersmith (January 2012)

Dissertation Title: Scientific Controversies, Boundary Disputes and Mobilization: The Intelligent Design Movement Network
Committee: Pat Doriean (co-chair), Akiko Hashimoto (co-chair), Charles Jones, John Marx, Thomas Fararo
Position Currently Held: Senior Statistician at Mathematica Policy Research

Amy Kubichek (February 2011)

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Economic Development, Urbanization, Women’s Rights Programs, Women’s Microcredit Programs, and Women’s Market-Oriented Programs on Gender Inequality in India
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), John Markoff, Vijai Singh, Stevel Finkel, and Nuno da Silva Themudo

Kai Heidemann (October 2010)

Dissertation Title: Giving Voice to Language: Basque Language Activism and the Politics of Education Reform in France, 1969-1994
Committee: Akiko Hashimoto(chair), Kathleen Blee, Suzanne Staggenborg, Giuseppina Mecchia, and Alberta Sbragia
Position Currently Held: Lecturer of Sociology at University College Maastricht (Netherlands)

Sambriddhi Kharel (April 2010)

Dissertation Title: The Dialectics of Identity and Resistance among Dalits in Nepal
Committee: Cecilia Green(chair), Co-Chair Kathleen Blee, Debbie Gould, and Joseph Atler.
Position Currently Held: Instructor at Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Nepal)

Margaret Kerr (May 2009)

Dissertation Title: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Vaccines: The Making of a Health Social Movement
Committee: John Marx (chair), John Markoff, Keri Rodriguez, Phyllis Coontz, and Matt Schneirov
Position Currently Held: Instructor of Sociology at Robert Morris University 

María José Álvarez-Rivadulla (April 2009)

Dissertation Title: Contentious Urbanization from Below: Land Squatting in Montevideo, Uruguay
Committee: John Markoff (chair), Patrick Doreian, Kathleen Blee, and Javier Auyero
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor in Sociology at Universidad del Rosario (Colombia)

Melissa (Missy) Swauger (December 2008)

Dissertation Title: “Whatever Her Little Heart Desires: How Class and Race Influence Adolescent Girls Perceptions of the Future.”
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Cecilia Green, Akiko Hashimoto, and Sharon Nelson-LeGall
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor at Indiana University of PA

Christine Anthou Alex (April 2007)

Dissertation Title: 21st Century Participation in Two US Greek Orthodox Churches
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Peggy Lovell, Lisa D. Brush, and Edward Muller

Ashley Currier (June 2007)

Dissertation Title: "The Visibility of Sexual Minority Movement Organizations in South Africa and Namibia"
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Akiko Hashimoto, Cecilia Green, Eric Clarke, Paula Davis
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor, Assistant Department Head, and Graduate Program Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Cincinnati

Monica Solinas Saunders (December 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Adolescent Antisocial Behavior and Adult Intimate Partner Violence"
Committee: Phyllis Coontz (chair), John Marx, Salvatore Babones, Magda Stouthamer Loeber, and Rolf Loeber
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at Indiana University Northwest

Lisa Huebner-Ruchti (December 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Sexual Harassment, Intimacy, and Migrant Nurses"
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Akiko Hashimoto, Cecilia Green, and Ellen Olshanksy
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor in Sociology and Women's Studies at West Chester University

Hyung Sam Park (July 2007)

Dissertation Title: "A Longitudinal Analysis of the Environmental Movement Sector's Litigation Network in the United States 1970-2001"
Committee: Patrick Doreian (chair), Thomas Fararo, John Markoff, and Salvatore Babones
Position Currently Held: Lecturer at the University of Central Florida

Lisa Camille Huebner (August 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Women Stepping Out: Intersections of Welfare Policy, Work, and Abuse"
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Cecilia Green, Akiko Hashimoto, and Ellen Olshansky (Nursing)
Position Currently Held: Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at West Chester University

Danielle Ficco (June 2007)

Dissertation Title: "Women Stepping Out: Intersections of Welfare Policy, Work, and Abuse"
Committee: Lisa D. Brush (chair), Kathleen Blee, Akiko Hashimoto, and Maureen Porter
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Sociology at Washington & Jefferson College

Dana Reinke Willmer (November 2006)

Dissertation Title: Assessing Place Character in Response to Wal-Mart
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair) Cecilia Green, Patrick Doreian, Sabina Deitrick
Position Currently Held: Human Factors Branch Chief at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Connie Oxford (October 2006)

Dissertation Title: Gender-Based Persecution in Asylum Law and Policy in the United States
Committee: Kathleen Blee (chair), Cecilia Green, John Markoff, Nicole Constable
Position Currently Held: Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Plattsburgh State University of New York