Patrick Doreian


2602 WW Posvar Hall


My academic career has been spent on the borders between disciplines including mathematics, sociology and statistics with excursions into other social science fields. I have had the privilege of enjoying two very long and productive collaborations. The first was with Norm Hummon in this department, one ended only by his untimely death. The other is ongoing with Anuška Ferligoj and Vladimir Batagelj at the University of Ljubljana. Shorter productive but also rewarding collaborations include one with Andrej Mrvar (also at the University of Ljubljana) and one with Mike Brusco (at Florida State University). The fun of research is trading ideas with colleagues, chewing on difficult problems and creating stuff that is genuinely new. I took early retirement in 2006 in order to focus solely on the research I wanted to do.  I edited the Journal of Mathematical Sociology for 23 years and have co-edited Social Networks since 2006. Academically, my plan is to “die with me boots on”. My wife, Esther Sales, and I love to travel to other countries and also spend time with our children. As it all could end tomorrow, each day is enjoyed to the full.

Fields of Interests

  • Social Networks
  • Science Dynamics
  • US Supreme Court

Partitioning social networks. Anuška Ferligoj, Vladimir Batagelj and I have a book contract with Wiley for an edited collection on these topics. The technical and substantive areas cover wide domains.


Signed networks including the US Supreme Court voting patterns, international relations and human groups.

The Supreme Court network of citations between decisions covering more than 200 years. This is an extension of work in the 2014 book Understanding Large Temporal and Spatial Networks, (Wiley)

Evolution of social networks in all contexts ranging from the micro level to the macro level. This includes the evolution of friendship networks in police academies and the international system post WWII

Science dynamics using a unique dataset about Slovene science

Economic networks

Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks: Exploration, Pattern Searching, Visualization and Network Evolution

Social Networks: An International Journal of Structural Analysis

Brusco, M., Doreian, P. & Steinley, D. "Biclustering methods for one-mode asymmetric matrices", Behavior Research Methods, (in press) Doreian, P. & Mrvar, A. “Structural balance and signed international relations”, Journal of Social Structure, Volume 16 Article 2. Vitale, M. P, Porzio, G. C. & Doreian, P. “Examining the effect of social influence on student performance through network autocorrelation models”, Journal of Applied Statistics.

Ferligoj, A., Kronegger, L., Mali, F., Snijders, T.A.B. and Doreian, P. “Scientific collaboration dynamics in a national scientific system”, Scientometrics, 2015. DOI 10.1007/s11192-015-1585-7

Patrick Doreian and Andrej Mrvar (2014), “Testing Two Theories for Generating Signed Networks Using Real Data”, Metodološki Zvezki: Advances in Methodology and Statistics, 11(1), 31-63

Luka Kronegger, Anuška Ferligoj, Franc Mali and Patrick Doreian, (2015) “Classifying Scientific Disciplines in Slovenia”, Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 66(2), 321-339

Brusco, M. & Doreian, P. “A real-coded genetic algorithm for two-mode KL-means partitioning with application to homogeneity blockmodeling", Social Networks 41 (2015) 26–35.

Conti, N. & Doreian, P. “From here on out, we’re all blue: Interaction Order, Social Infrastructure and Race in Police Socialization”, Police Quarterly, (2014), Vol. 17(4) 414–447.

Simmel Award from INSNA in 1995. (Whoever gives the keynote speech at the Annual International Social Network Conference receives this award.)

Honorary Senator of the University of Ljubljana (2005)

Blockmodeling (Doreian, Batagelj, Ferligoj), Cambridge University Press (2005) received the Harrison While Book Award from the American Sociological Association (2007).