Nancy H. Fultz, PhD


2602 Wesley W. Posvar Hall


My work has focused on issues at the intersection of social science and medicine. I am particularly interested in the social construction of conditions/experiences related to women’s health and aging. I believe that policy and practice should be guided by evidence, and I am drawn to translational activities that hold the promise of action stemming from research. This perspective informs my teaching, as well.

Fields of interest

  • Social Gerontology
  • Medical Sociology
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Research Methodology
  • Social Psychology


  • PhD, University of Michigan, 1990

SOC 0010    Introduction to Sociology

SOC 0475    Sociology of Aging

SOC 0438    Sociology of the Family

SOC 1413     Marriage

SOC 1450     Health and Illness

SOC 0230     Social Research Methods

SOC 0446     Sociology of Gender