Mehr Latif, PhD


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Mehr Latif is a Post-doctoral Associate at the University of Pittsburgh. Her doctoral research focuses on state formation, kinship, and the public sphere in Pakistan. She is currently contributing to research on white supremacist groups within the United States, focusing on the role of emotion in group formation, issues of exit and disillusionment, and how such issues are embodied. Prior to the University of Pittsburgh, Mehr worked for over a decade with non-profit international development organizations, principally the Asia Foundation. She has focused on issues related to civil society formation, civic engagement, and decentralization in countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Cambodia.


  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2017

Latif, Mehr, Kathleen Blee, Matthew DeMichele, Pete Simi, and Shayna Alexander. 2019. “Why White Supremacist Women Become Disillusioned, and Why They Leave.” Sociological Quarterly.

Latif, Mehr, Kathleen Blee, Matthew DeMichele, and Pete Simi. 2018. “How Emotional Dynamics Maintain and Destroy White Supremacist Groups.” Humanities & Society. 42(4): 480–501.

Latif, Mehr, Kathleen Blee, Matthew DeMichele, and Pete Simi. Forthcoming. “Do White Supremacist Women Adopt Movement Archetypes of Mother, Whore, and Fighter?” Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Kathleen M. Blee, Matthew DeMichele, Pete Simi et Mehr Latif, "How Racial Violence Is Provoked and Channeled." Socio, 9 | 2017, 257-276.

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