Grants and Awards

Undergraduate Student Awards for 2015-2016

  • Imaz Arthar received the 2016 Avery Award for Undergraduate Students. Lisa Hartwell and Jonathan Weaver are Avery Award runners-up.


Undergraduate Honors Certificate Recipients 2015-2016

Student: Imaz Athar
Advisor: Dr. Waverly Duck
Title: "The Accessibility and Adequacy of Allegheny County's Medicaid Managed Care Behavioral Health Services"

Student: Jennifer Bertocchi
Advisor: Dr. Dan Romesberg
Title: "Hard Costs: The Social History of Sex Trafficking and Poverty in Thailand"

Student: Kathryn Feehan
Advisor: Dr. Marie Skoczylas and Dr. Suzanne Staggenborg
Title: “Framing of Abortion Using Twitter: Standing For and Against Wendy”

Student: Karl Gibson
Advisor: Dr. Waverly Duck
Title: “Of Death and Dying: A Spatial Analysis of Race, Neighborhood Distress, and Suicide in Pittsburgh”

Student: Christopher Hill
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Brush
Title: “Transgender and Feminist Perspectives on the Safety of the University of Pittsburgh’s Campus for Transgender People”

Student: Alaa Mohamed
Advisor: Dr. Dan Romesberg
Title: “Egyptian Women’s Perspectives on Female Genital Mutilation”

Student: Taylor Nee
Advisor: Dr. Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum
Title: "Examining the Decision: An Analysis of the Progression of Abortion Depictions Throughout the Years"

Student: Jonathan Weaver
Advisor: Dr. Mike Epitropoulos
Title: "The Impact of Dental Esthetics on First Impressions"

Student: Claire Werner
Advisor: Dr. Sean Kelly
Title: "Parents’ Influence on their Children's Health Practices in High School and College"


Graduate Student Awards for 2015-2016

Honors and Funding Awards

  • Ben Case who received the Norman P. Hummon Research Award
  • Marie Skoczylas received the Teaching Award