A Spanish translation of John Markoff's Waves of Democracy 2nd ed. has just been published


A Spanish translation of John Markoff's, Waves of Democracy: Social Movements and Political Change, 2nd ed, has just appeared, with some material not in the English original. (Click the link in the "News" tab on this page to go to the Spanish publisher's website for this new book).

From the publisher's website:

"Democracy has been brought about throughout history by those who hold power but also by those who have challenged them. Since the end of the revolutionary eighteenth century, democracy has been reinvented continuously. Rather than treating institutions and political practices as products of independent national histories, this book shows how social movements have flowed across national borders and how those in power in different countries have influenced each other. Instead of reducing democracy to well-defined practices and institutions such as elections and parliaments, Markoff shows how political movements have challenged and remade existing institutions. Social movements have sought repeatedly to alter the democracy that had been inherited from the past, some with the hope of achieving a true realization of democracy as they understood it and others with the aim of being done with it. After analyzing more than two centuries of political conflict, Markoff concludes with some reflections on what democracy means today and what its future may be."