Professor Suzanne Staggenborg is the 2019 Winner of the McCarthy Award

The Center for the Study of Social Movements at the University of Notre Dame is very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 John D. McCarthy Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Scholarship of Social Movements and Collective Behavior is Suzanne Staggenborg of the University of Pittsburgh. The award not only recognizes Suzanne’s extraordinary achievements in research, but also the role that she has played in mentoring successive generations of scholars.

Suzanne’s groundbreaking work, published in numerous books and countless articles, has shaped our thinking about activist causes, such as gender equality, abortion rights, and protecting the environment. Yet her work has also consistently generated foundational insights about organizational and protest dynamics more generally, highlighting processes related to coalitions formation, transnational activism, and drawing on central insights in the social movement field–transforming them in ways that have set the agenda for those who wish to understand twenty-first century activism.