Professor John Markoff and Malgorzata Markoff translate Greetings from Novorossiya Eyewitness to the War in Ukraine by Pawel Pieniazek


Polish journalist Pawel Pieniazek was among the first correspondents to enter the war-torn region of eastern Ukraine and spent over two years there. Greetings from Novorossiya is his vivid firsthand account of the conflict. His fluency in both Ukrainian and Russian granted him access and the ability to move among all sides in the conflict. He was the first reporter to reach the scene when Russian troops in Ukraine accidentally shot down a civilian airliner, killing all 298 people aboard. With powerful color photos, telling interviews from the local population, and brilliant reportage, Pieniazek's account documents these dramatic events as they transpired. Originally published in Polish, this unique view of history in the making brings to life the tragedy of Ukraine for a Western audience.  Click the link in the "News" tab on this page to go to the University of Pittsburgh Press website for this new book.