2019 Senior Capstone Project Award Winners

The winners of the 2019 University of Pittsburgh, Sociology, Senior Capstone Project Award are  Madi Scull, “The Flint Water Crisis,” and Meera Sakthivel, “The Health at Every Size Movement."    

The Student Presenters this year were:

Abigail Beattie, “The Influence of Structural and Color-Blind Racism on Black/White Disparities in Maternal Health.”
Nicole Hunzeker, “Racial Biases Plaguing Medical School Admissions.”
Jack McAuliffe, “Transnational Companies and the Health of Developing Nations”
Delaney Oakes, “Popularization and Mystification of Yoga in the U.S.”
Carly Plevy, “Capital Punishment in the U.S.”
Meera Sakthivel, “The Health at Every Size Movement"
Madi Scull, “The Flint Water Crisis.”
Julia Schantz, “Teaching Consent in Sex Ed”

Graduate Student Discussants:

Daniel McClymonds
Christina Ong
George Weddington
Zachary Frampton (event facilitator)


Robert Slammon
Joshua Bloom