On the Job Market

Daniel Burridge

(CV ; email: dpb36@pitt.edu)

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements and Social Change; Political Sociology; Latin American and Central American studies; Democracy; Revolutions; Social Theory; Violence and Crime; Global and International Studies; Community Studies; Qualitative Methods and Ethnography

Dissertation Title: Twilight of the Vanguard: Movement-State Negotiations and the Reinvention of Leftist Politics in Post-Revolutionary Central America

Advisor: John Markoff 


John Cuda

(CV; email: jrc87@pitt.edu)

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Religion, Knowledge, Environmental Sociology

Dissertation Title: Re-Enchanting Culture: Identity Transformation, Embodiment, and Prefigurative Religious Practices in New Spiritualities

Advisor: Mohammed Bamyeh

Mehr Latif

(CV; email: mehr.latif@gmail.com)  

Research Interests: Development of the Nation-State; Public Sphere; Civic Engagement; Civic Associations; Nonprofits; Political Sociology; Social Theory; Ethnography; Cultural Sociology; and Sociology of Emotions

Teaching Interests: Global Society; Civil Society and Non-Profits; Social Theory; and Research Methods

Dissertation Title: Re-envisioning Kinship and the State in Pakistan

Advisor: Kathleen Blee

Hillary Lazar

(CV; email: hillarylazar@gmail.com)

Research Interests: Social Movements; Revolutions; Political Emotions; Anarchism and Prefiguration; Gender Theory; Power and Inequality; Deviance and Social Control; World-Systems; Historical Sociology; Qualitative Methodology; Public Sociology; and Popular Education

Dissertation Title: A New World in Our Hearts: Evaluating Outcomes and Personal Transformation in Prefigurative Movements

Advisor: John Markoff

Joshua McDermott

CV; email: jlm417@pitt.edu

Research and Teaching Interests: Informal Labor, Globalization, Stratification, Urban Sociology, Gentrification, Social Movements, Labor Movements, International Political Economy, Political Sociology, Race, Postcolonialism, West Africa, Mexico

Dissertation Title: Labor Uprisings in West Africa: Informal Workers and Socialist Politics in Post-War Sierra Leone

Advisor: Mohammed Bamyeh

Jeff Tienes

(CV; email: jtienes@clarion.edu)

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Culture; Race; Class; and Gender; Social Research Methods; Ethnographic Methods; Masculinities; Sociology of Hip-Hop; Popular Culture; Media Studies; and Micro-Interactionism

Dissertation Title: Keeping it “Real”: Making a Career in Pittsburgh’s Rap Music Scene

Advisor: Lisa D. Brush