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Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum

PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, May 2008

Title: Assistant Professor

Campus Address: 2421 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

Telephone: (412) 648-7592


Fields of Interest

  • Social Movements
  • Social Inequality
  • Gender
  • Peace and War
  • Globalization
  • Reproduction, Mothering and Family


My research centers around social movements, gender and women’s studies, and global studies. I am particularly interested in the intersection and interaction of different social movements and the ways that social movements adapt to changing political environments. My current research projects include: women's peace movements in the U.S. and Israel, a study on the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh and its impact on the local activist community and a project on the role of humor in protest.

Undergraduate Courses: Peace Movements and Peace Education, Research Methods.

Graduate Courses: Gendered Social Movements, Humor in Politics and Protest.

Current Research

Women's Peace Movements
Humor in Politics and Protest

Recent Publications

Strategies for Social Change (Social Movements, Protest and Contention) edited by Gregory M. Maney, Rachel V. Kutz-Flamenbaum, Deana A. Rohlinger, and Jeff Goodwin Kutz-Flamebaum, Rachel V. (Forthcoming). "Coterminous and Intersecting: Women's Peace and Women's Rights Organizations" Humanity and Society.
Kutz-Flamenbaum, Rachel V. and Brittany Duncan. (forthcoming). "Contested Cosmopolitanisms: Global Matters and Local Mobilizations" Sociological Forum. Kutz-Flamenbaum, Rachel, V. 2014. "Humor and Social Movements" Sociology Compass 8:294-304.


Social Research Methods Humor and Politics
Peace Movements and Peace Education Sociology of the Family

Honors and Awards

AAUW Fellowship

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