University of Pittsburgh




Pittsburgh Social Movements Forum and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Presents

Dr. Tina Fetner, Associate Professor, at McMaster University

Wednesday September 17th | 12:30

Lunch Provided at 12:00 (noon)

Sociology Colloquium Room 2432 Posvar Hall

"Explaining the Religious Right in Canada: Why So Different from the United States?"

The religious right in Canada looks like the conservative social movement in the United States: similar platform, similar organizations, similar strategies and frames. But the Canadian movement is small, sparse, and politically weak relative to its American counterpart. How can social movements theory explain this difference? The author argues that the difference lies in the historical roots of the conservative, evangelical Christian communities that developed decades prior to the emergence of the social movement itself. She suggests that to explain this difference, social movements theory must incorporate the insights of historical institutionalism and expand its empirical lens to include political and cultural contexts, bureaucratic regimes, and institution building that occurs prior to movement emergence.